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September 30, 2008

(By Frank)

Yesterdayevening we had a simple meal in a American cantine, where they still eat with axe and sword.












After that we descided to get a beer in the pub nextdoor. A hugh digital jukebox and a (we think) drunk barlady was all there was to see.











But still it was nice. We all sung California dreamin'.

The next day was long. From Lichfield to Rolla. A trip of appr. 230 kilometers.

You can drive route66 or you can 'do the route66' that's a difference. Guys with helmets and sunglasses on big motorcycles drive the route66.

We don't. We 'do the route 66'! Seeing everything, and 'tast' the histoy. All of that at 22 miles per hour. It is so relaxed man!

In St.Louis we visited the Old Rockbridge, a real monument.












We had to get into the Truck en Van to see the famous 'Arch' of St. Louis. A symbol of the fortuneseekers which went from east to west in the old days to earn a living.












After that we visited the 'world largest rocking chair'.












Later we had a pizza in het motel.

Tomorrow we go to 'Missouri'.



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