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October 13, 2008

(by Alexander)

After the long ride yesterday we arrived at the hotel. Because of the low number of drop-outs, there wasn't much repairing necessary at our VeloSolexes. Just some small things had to be done. After a little argument about the time, we asked the hotelmanager how late is was. Looks like we drove through a timezone again with our machines.

Half us ate at KFC, the other half at Taco Bell. The KFC guys were happy they ate there. The others were not so positiv about Taco Bell.

At the other side of the road was a real saloon called 'The Empty Pockets Saloon', We started a competition on the pooltables, so it got rather late again.














The jukebox was nice to.

The next morning we went through our daily ritual. Taking a shower, eating breakfast, loading everything in the truck and drive away.
Afer driving 500 yards we stopped at the gasstation. We need fuel, coffee and gloves. It was cold... around 32 F.














Driving was great today. Not much wind, and a lot of sun. Just cold.

At a bridge our truck was too high. We went over with our VeloSolexes, and the truck took the highway.
Later on we couldn't go further on the bikes, so we all had to load everything up and gt in the cars.

Drinkin coffee at a truckstop, with nice cars at the parkinglot.














Walking the dog, American style...














We stopped to see Meteor Crater. Very impressive how a 45 meter rock can puncture a hole of 4000 feet in diameter.














After an hour we lunched. The 'Sandwichcommittee' did the catering.














After the lunch we went to Flagstaff. VeloSolexes had to be repaired, some did the laundry and others took a nap.

Tomorrow we have a day off. We are going to see the 'Grand Canyon'.

Greetings from Alexander.

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