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20 oktober 2008

(By Henk en Anke van De Doppe)

Today we arived in a suburb of L.A, Rialto where we sleep in real teepee's of concrete. Do it in a TEE PEE.















To get there we left early this morning.By the concretefactory the route 66 ends. Whe drove over the interstate to an alternetive route. Here we klimbed the biggest mountainroute. The San Bernardino.














At the starting line some of us , did not like the steep hills. In 15 minutes the first one's quit. In the last there where 7 people left.















In the end there where 3 people left . And then we wend downhill.















Downhill we reached a speed of 35 miles / hour . In 20 minutes we drove 10 miles downhill.

A part of the group visits a uncle of Frank. He lives 18 miles away of the route 66.

Tomorow a new day, and we are getting closer to the ocean

See You

Henk en Anke.

A special thanks to Karissa Anderson. We met her in Molly's Place. She donated 20 dollars for charity.



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