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Riding for Charity

During one of our meentings someone came up with the idea to give this 'monster-journey' something extra, through 'riding for charity'.

Everyone was very positiv about this idea, so we had to come up with a charity.

We discussed several charity-organisations, big worldwide operation charity-programs like the 'World foor program' from the United Nations and Warchild.
Small scaled programs like a school in the, by the 2004 christmas 'tsunami' in Indonesia.

We descided to go riding for three different charity-programs:



Sport for the Disabled


De Zonnebloem

Is your company interested in supporting one of our charity-goals, do you want your name on this site, and do you want to be mentioned in the media? Be one of our sponsors!
All the money (100% of it!) we raise with our 'Route66 adventure' goes to these three charities.

Here you can get more information on the possibilities to be a sponsor.



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